Welcome to QADCO

To contribute to Qatar National Vision 2030, and aim to provide our partners and customers with an integrated agricultural inputs and high quality products coupled with coaching and consultancy using the best competencies and technologies to meet the needs of the Qatari agricultural market.

To have a positive impact and strong effect on the agricultural sector development in Qatar through the diversification of agricultural inputs and cost efficiency to the farmers.In addition to finding modern and realistic agricultural solutions with the highest quality and performance as possible in accordance with the global methodology in the field of researches and agricultural technology.

QADCO aims to work side by side with farmers by bringing a wide range of agricultural products that are commensurate with their needs in order to increase productivity and participate in food security program of Qatar state. QADCO will also ensure the dissemination of Agricultural awareness to the Qatari farmers and contribute in solving the agricultural sector problems through guidance, counseling and providing of high quality agricultural inputs.

QADCO commenced its operations in December 2017 and currently has the following operations:

  • Farming, Livestock, Beekeeping & recently we launched Landscaping services.
  • Agro-Trading (supplier of all types of agricultural materials including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation material, greenhouses, tractors etc.)
  • Successfully acquired  tenders worth QAR 6.8 Million to supply seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, greenhouse covers and other irrigation materials to other farms as part of the Ministry of Municipality’s initiative to support local farmers.
  • Diverse customer set, including big farms, such as: Nabati, Qtfa, Green farm and many more.


We are available on Snoonu & Talabat!