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The first microorganism-based solution that replaces conventional fertilization

Bulhnova is a concentrated combination of two Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) designed to place at the plant’s disposal the nutrients it needs through biological mechanisms. Bulhnova fixes the nitrogen present in the atmosphere and makes it available to the plant. It metabolizes the phosphorous present in soil allowing uptake by the roots.

Bulhnova reduces nitrates contamination and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere (carbon footprint). Moreover, its use is approved in ecological farming.


  • Improves crop yields as it supplies the nitrogen, phosphorous and the other nutrients plants need, mainly calcium (Ca).
  • Improves the soil structure while increasing soils aggregates, organic matter and reducing salt content
  • Respectful with the environment. Nitrate-free soil for quality production
  • The use of Bulhnova enables a very important decrease in the use of chemical fertilisation which entails lower logistics and production costs
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