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WAKE-UP® Liquid

WAKE-up® Liquid has been developed for fruit orchards and vegetables, but can also be used on various arable crops. Thanks to the potassium carboxylates in the formula, WAKE-up® Liquid counteracts the effects of drought and heat by enhancing the water uptake and improving the water balance status in the plant. In addition, WAKE-up® Liquid stimulates and induces a higher final quality, in particular coloration and firmness. Many years of trial results have confirmed these biostimulation effects,

even in years with sufficient irrigation/rainfall. WAKE-up® Liquid is the quality drink for your crop!

  • Increases plant tolerance to drought and heat
  • Improves plant WUE (Water Use Efficiency)
  • Neutralizes the molecules responsible of cell damage during

drought and heat stress

  • Enhances fruit coloration
  • Induces additional sugar formation and translocation
  • Ensures higher fruit firmness
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