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Belthir is an insecticide for combating defoliating caterpillars in the first stages of development, from a large number of crops.
Belthirul insecticide is a product based on Bacillus Thuringiensis in powder form, created to control lepidoptera larvae.
Belthir is a natural and non-polluting insecticide with no downtime.
Advantages of Belthirul insecticide:


Biological insecticide, non-polluting and without residues
It controls the defoliating caterpillars in tomato and pepper crops as well as the vine moth.
Very effective in controlling lepidoptera larvae.
It reaches insects even when the vegetation is very dense.
Effective only on lepidoptera, does not affect other living organisms or plants. It does not affect parasitoid organisms or natural predators in crops .
Authorized and recommended for use in organic farming and integrated production.
No break time is necessary for harvesting: it can be used very close to harvesting, when other products are prohibited by the rules in force.

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